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Hacienda Heights is an unincorporated community in Los Angeles County which gained its current name in 1962 due to the community being centered around Hacienda Boulevard, prior to this the area was known as North Whittier Heights (after its southern neighbor) with the area south of Clark Ave., known as Hillgrove (the now defunct elementary School, Hillgrove Elementary is named after this community).

Some History;
In 1912, Edwin Hart and Jed Torrance purchased land in the area of present day Hacienda Heights from Anita Baldwin. Anita was the heir of Elias J. Baldwin who obtained half of William Workman’s (B: 1800- D:1876) Rancho La Puente holdings when Workman’s bank failed during the panic of 1875 (after this William Workman committed suicide in 1876)
After purchasing the 1,826 acre tract of land, Hart and Torrance planted Citrus (primarily oranges) and avocado groves, and a small community sprung up around its packing mills. Eventually the area transformed from a small agricultural town to a large bedroom community during the 1940s, gaining speed in the 1950s and finally hitting its maximum growth in the early 1970s. Most residents work elsewhere in the greater Los Angeles County area, and although there have been multiple attempts to incorporate or merge with La Puente or Whittier, these attempts have all failed up to this point.

Historical Populations:
*1960- 24,583
*1970- 49,587
*1980- 49,422
*1990- 52,354
*2000- 53,122

(Please click on pictures to enlarge; above is Skyline Dr. and left/below is Oak Canyon Dr.)

Further Information
• Population as of 2010; 54,038
• Area; 11.4 sq mi (29.5 km2)
• Zip Code; 91745
• Area Code; 626
• Cost of Living Index as of 2008 (based on a 100 US average); 154.30
• Notable Landmarks: The Hsi Lai Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in North America (located off from Hacienda Bl. south of Colima Rd.)
• For road closure information in Hacienda Heights: LA County Road Closures

Hacienda Heights Community Center Hacienda Heights has a new community Center, built in the old location of Hillgrove Elementary School (which is was of the oldest elementary schools in Hacienda Heights).

The Community Center opened October 25, 2014.

With a large multipurpose room and performance center. This venue can be used for performances, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, community group meetings and seminars.

For contact/reservation information, please visit this web sites Community Page (information in the left sidebar)

This community center includes "Circles of a Ripple" by artist James Dinh, creating a gathering place for visitors of the community center and park.
Located on the park’s southeast corner, with an outside diameter of 88 feet, this large scale artwork is of the land art tradition, which utilizes natural materials like soil, rock and plants in the creation of art. The overall design reflects the local geography and flat lands that rise toward the crescent shape of the Puente Hills
Further Information about "Circles of a Ripple": County Collection; Circles of a Ripple

Ethnic Groups (Races) in Hacienda Heights
Ethnic GroupPercent (may not add to 100%)
White; non-Hispanic22.1%
Other Race16.6%
Two or more ethnic groups3.9%
Other Asian2.4%
African American1.6%
Native American1.2%
Asian Indian0.7%


• Hacienda Heights is located south of the City of Industry, north & east of Whittier, and north of La Habra Heights. As well Hacienda Heights is framed by the Puente Hills on the south, west, and partially on the east (Schabarum Park nestled in the Puente Hills forms part of this eastern border)

• Average Elevation; 460 feet

• The highest point in Hacienda Heights is found in the Puente Hills (which are relatively geologically new), which is Workman Hill, elevation 1,388 feet (423 meters), just southeast of Turnbull Canyon Road and Skyline Drive.

• Land Area; 11.4 square miles

• Hacienda Heights (as measured from the center) is 13 statute miles (by air) from Downtown Los Angles (City Hall)

• Hacienda Heights (as measured from the center) is 11 statute miles (by air) from Disneyland (Anaheim). This makes Anaheim the closest large city (over 250,000) to Hacienda Heights.

Interesting Geographical Information; Earthquake Faults

A cross section of the Puente Hills fault • Hacienda Heights is situated next to the relatively newly discovered Puente Hills Fault Line (which is the fault on which the 5.9, 1987 Whittier Narrows Earthquake took place on). This fault runs from Northern Orange County to just under downtown Los Angeles.
Please click on the picture to enlarge for better viewing

• The Puente Hills are still new (geologically speaking) with the roots of these hills existing somewhere far off the west coast of the ancestral continent of North America. The uplift of the Puente Hills is the result of the Pacific Plate and its parallel movement to the northwest along the North American Plate, Evidence of all three of these subduction events—volcanoes, granite batholiths, and the crustal shavings—are found buried deep beneath the Puente Hills.

Here is a link for more Earthquake Information:
EPA.gov; Earthquakes

Further Geology Information/Geologic History:

Active Faults of the Los Angeles Basin • The Los Angeles basin in which the Puente Hills/Hacienda Heights reside began forming in the late Miocene epoch according to Wright, 1991; Ingersoll and Rumelhart, 1999 (see references at the bottom of this page).
Basin subsidence at that time was accommodated by large extensional faults including the Puente Hills/Whittier–Elsinore fault system and the Santa Monica fault system.
In the mid-Pliocene the relative plate motion between the North American plate and the Pacific plate changed to produce overall north–south compression of the basin. This compression led to the development of a series of blind thrust faults in the young sediments of the Los Angeles basin, including the Puente Hills thrust system.
The Coyote Hills, Santa Fe Springs, and Los Angeles faults are the three blind fault segments, with no surface trace, that comprise the Puente Hills thrust system. (See picture above left, please click to enlarge) The potential seismic hazard of these faults to the metropolitan Los Angeles was demonstrated in 1987 when the Santa Fe Springs ruptured in the Magnitude 6.0 Whittier Narrows earthquake. Geologic evidence suggests the Puente Hills thrust system as a whole is capable of generating earthquakes greater than Magnitude 7.0, and has caused four such events over the past 11,000 years.

Please do not let this geological information frighten anyone who is thinking of moving to Hacienda Heights, as all areas have their “potential” issues (such as Tornados in many Midwest locations). My father (who was born in 1932) has lived in the area his whole life and has never suffered a loss from earthquakes.
I will also add that Hacienda Heights is a beautiful and family friendly community that has more of smaller community feel than a suburb in Los Angeles County and I can state I found it a beautiful community to spend my childhood years.

*Earthquake Fault Discovered Under Los Angeles
* Wright, T.L., 1991. Structural geology and evolution of the Los Angeles basin, California. In: Biddle, K.T. (Ed.), Active Margin Basins. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Memoir, Tulsa, OK, pp. 35–134.
* Ingersoll, R.V., Rumelhart, P.E., 1999. Three-stage evolution of the Los Angeles Basin, Southern California. Geology 27, 593–596.
*Shaw, J.H., Shearer, P.M., 1999. An elusive blind thrust beneath metropolitan Los Angeles. Science 283, 1516–1518.
*For Highest point: FAA Terminal Area Chart, Los Angeles

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